1. tsabe:

    The Animated Self Portrait 

    T.S Abe

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  2. pooplaughter:

    makeout sesh

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  3. witchsauce:

    Kiki’s Delivery Service, watercolor concept sketches, Part II

    Scanned from The Art of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

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  4. justinchan:

    revamped PLUMBER QUEST as a print for fanexpo (A188)!

    previous version available as a shirt here

  6. gurihiru:

    Astrid & Deadly Nadder

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  7. reincarnatedhero:

    リンゼルダログ (31)

    Pixiv ID: 41344955

    Member: 318

    Please do not remove the source. Thank you.

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    wow cuuute

  10. soamused:

    `Happy Sunday.. Enjoy this beautiful day :)

    Model: Johanna  (35mm film)

    © April-lea Hutchinson

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  13. o-8:

    Sorry about the lack of updates recently, catching up on commissions still. Otakon was a blast, thank you to all who stopped by the table!

    In the meantime, here’s something from SDCC / recently- an art trade with  Edwin Huang - man every time I look at his pic of Fallout here, I’m totally getting kicked in the face. I love it! >XD

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  14. animeslovenija:

    I saw the booklet posted but totally missed Shigeto Koyama’s illustration.

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