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    Astrid & Deadly Nadder

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    リンゼルダログ (31)

    Pixiv ID: 41344955

    Member: 318

    Please do not remove the source. Thank you.

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    wow cuuute

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    `Happy Sunday.. Enjoy this beautiful day :)

    Model: Johanna  (35mm film)

    © April-lea Hutchinson

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    Sorry about the lack of updates recently, catching up on commissions still. Otakon was a blast, thank you to all who stopped by the table!

    In the meantime, here’s something from SDCC / recently- an art trade with  Edwin Huang - man every time I look at his pic of Fallout here, I’m totally getting kicked in the face. I love it! >XD

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    I saw the booklet posted but totally missed Shigeto Koyama’s illustration.

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    Alice Lin: Incredibly Detailed Swan Pencil -(Faramita Swan)

    artist on Tumblr, on Behance

    The illustrator Alice Lin residing in Beijing recently presented her latest work Faramita: the representation of a swan on Canson paper in giant size 2 meters by 1 meter. An impressive creation, the result of one month of work.

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  12. V=e/t



    Xulia Vicente is a Fine Arts student based near Valencia, Spain. Her works are animated and whimsical, bringing some nostalgia to mind.

    Lately I’ve been dealing with pressure and fear of failure, as I’m starting bigger projects and things seem to get more serious. I have a lot of insecurities, questioning if the stuff is good enough, if I’m putting enough effort, if that’ll print well, if this blue should be darker…In the end the worst about it [is] the time it makes me lose, because works eventually come out when I stop worrying.

    Interview with Xulia Vicente

    Read More

    This great blog here interviewed me and put some of my works together. A nice surprise :) I’m a bit embarrased but highly grateful. Check their posts!

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    Posing in front of random cars on the street makes Aviva look like an adventure girl.


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    Just felt like drawing Pira. And Happy Birthday to Josh.

    By the way, you can preorder Spera: Ascension of the Starless Vol. 1 here.

    What an awesome image to end a birthday with. I’m sure this will be perfect inspiration for my writing tonight.

    Thank you, Afu!

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    The sensational work of Raul Trevino

    Source: http://raultrevino.deviantart.com/gallery/

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