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    Sale items in my Etsy shop, get them while they last. 15% code applies to these guys, too!

    Coupon code: MOVING2014

    4 days left of the sale! :)

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    Artist & Illustrator:


    "Moleskine pt. ii"

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  4. Warpaint @ the Black Cat, Washington, DC, 3/24/2014 (photos by arcane93)

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    thank you everyone for your overwhelming support for Nameless & the Scientist book 1! Seriously stoked.

    I’m sending the files to the printer as we speak so my first non comic related drawing in a while of the kids sporting new haircuts! :) Preorders close on April 20!

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    I’m with you till the end of the line.

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    1 of 2 entries that got into Banquet :- )


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    by Matías Bergara

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    Brendan Monroe

    Currently I live and work in Oakland, California with my wife Evah and our cat Jalapeño. Once in a while I take on illustration commissions, but most of the time I paint and sculpt for exhibitions. I think it’s important to constantly challenge oneself with new ideas and new mediums. My interpretations of the world are mostly rooted in science then executed through painting and sculpting. These are the best ways for me to communicate, but I always enjoy making other things as well.

    Brendan Monroe

    selected by ivi

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    The other inked piece I did the other night. This is Penny from Lucky Penny, a comic by the talented duo, Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya. Lisa had done a piece for them as well and we had thought they were going to be at ECCC, but unfortunately we were mistaken! So we’ll have to wait until another time to hand them off :(. I made a comic about our first meeting with them last year and they kindly reblogged it, which sent a good amount of traffic my way. I wanted to do this drawing as a way of thanks :). Hopefully we’ll get to see them at a con again soon!

    AH this is rad! 

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    shamelessly reblogging pictures of myself

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    Many derpy faces of Usagi.